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2 WASP Bronze Memorial 
Grave Flag Stands 
have not yet found their proper resting places. 

They belong to the families of 

Jane Delores Champlin, Class 43-4
Peggy Wilson Martin, Class 44-4.

The flag stands can not be left unattended at the grave site.
They must go to the family or an appropriate designee.
The same rules apply for the flags, medals and certificates.
That is why it is so important to find the living blood relatives.

If you have any information that can help solve 
the cold case files for these deserving
 Women Airforce Service Pilots,

Please contact 

Thank you. 


There are 38 WASP Who Died 

In Service to our country in WWII.

May their memories and sacrifices live forever and encourage and inspire future generations to fly higher.... 





38 WASP Flew With Angels

38 Fallen WASP Receiving Proper Military Burial Honors

Women pilots of World War II inspired generations,
 finally receiving proper Military Burial Honors at the
Air Force Memorial in 2010.

WASP Rose Bowl Parade Float
Honoring The Fallen 38