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Operation Celestial Flight

WASP FG Shutsy Reynolds, Artist and Silversmith,
Designer of the 38 Memorial Grave Site Flag Stands.

Thirty-eight young women, all volunteers in an Army Air Force WWII "experiment"

were killed in the line of duty. 65 years later, a U.S. Army Chaplain, intrigued

by the history of the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP), embarked on a

mission “…to honor the dead” by ensuring they are properly identified and buried

a proper military funeral.  Many of the 38 grave sites have no military symbols or  

markings.  On most, the American Flag never flew and no memorial services were ever 

held.  Ignored by the public and veteran organizations, these brave young women have 

been forgotten, except by their sister WASP. The chaplain has initiated action to correct

this 65-year old oversight. At his own expense, he is having personalized bronze flag 

holders cast, family members and local veteran organizations contacted, and memorial

services held or scheduled. A bronze commemorative medallion has been designed

by WASP FG Shutsy Reynolds. Shutsy has also reproduced and donated six sterling

silver WASP wings. She has donated the medallions and WASP wings to help raise

funds to defray the cost of the 38 bronze flag holder markers.  Many thanks to

Chaplain Capt. Clemens, OIC; F. Shutsy Reynolds, WASP, Administrator;

Dawn Seymour WASP, Memorials; Sara Hayden WASP, Military Veteran Affairs;

Scott Ferguson, Researcher; and Susan Cooper, Coordinator and Public Relations.